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Dwelling in the Word helped Pastor Klate’s church council rise to a challenge and surprise him

VIDEO Watch this 4-minute video of the story of an overwhelmed South African pastor in need of a leave of absence ; see how the culture nurtured by Dwelling in the Word over 4 years’ time enabled them to accept a big challenge. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmmvrYQXZao&feature=relmfu

Why do Dwelling in the Word to start a church business meeting?

Dwelling in the Word is a spiritual practice, one that a group repeats and repeats. But why do it to begin a meeting where the principal item of business is the budget? Or election of officers? Or a policy change? Because Dwelling in the Word establishes time and space to form and nurture Christian community […]

What Exactly IS Dwelling in the Word? Pat Taylor Ellison describes it in this short video


ELCA Communal Discernment Task Force makes discoveries, forms community while Dwelling in the Word

                Suzanne  Gibson  Wise, who convenes the ELCA’s Task Force on Communal Spiritual Discernment, of which Pat Taylor Ellison is a member, shares this story of the task force’s journey to discover the church’s need not so much for a quick fix in how it decides things but for a deeper culture change around discernment, aided […]

Upcoming Dwelling in the Word one-day conferences

The following dates and locations have been offered for Dwelling in the Word one-day conferences for learning, practicing, and making plans for this simple but transformative spiritual pratice.  Cincinnati, Ohio – June 8 – Southern Ohio Synod ELCA Synod Fest Fort Worth Area, Texas – August 25 – Mansfield Church of Christ Madison, Wisconsin – […]