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Mogens Mogensen says why Dwelling gives people confidence with one another

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO AUDIO COMMENT Mogensen audio on why Dwelling gives people confidence to speak

Mogens Mogensen, Danish church consultant: How pastors use Dwelling in the Word in Denmark

WATCH THIS BRIEF VIDEO CLIP! Mogensen on pastors in Denmark using Dwelling 12 jun 27

See next week what Mogens Mogensen from Denmark likes about Dwelling in the Word with congregations

Dwelling in the Word at Southern Ohio SynodFest June 8: What people liked about it

Here is the first post of several from the SOuthern Ohio Synod ELCA Dwelling Learning Event this month. Feedback on what attendees of the one-day event liked: In general Love the Dwelling/abiding in the Word Great interaction among participants Got hands-on experience on how to use the process Dwelling is a scholarly exercise in spiritual research […]

2012 Indiana-Kentucky ELCA Synod Assembly Dwells in the Word all together

“People really responded energetically to Dwelling in the Word, this way of encountering the Word that felt lively, engaging, and different,” said Wes Granberg-Michaelson, who was their keynote speaker and who led Dwelling for the gathering of 500 persons, each holding his/her own copy of Dwelling in the Word: a pocket handbook, a generous gift from […]

Dwelling is essential to the process of change

I am excited about Church Innovations’ Dwelling in the Word learning events and the Thriving in Change events. We really need to “pump up” the Dwelling event because  because without spiritual practices that involve the whole community, there will be no change to thrive in. Dwelling is “old news” for some, but I think it […]