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Kansas City Lutheran Youth Coalition KCLYC Listen Up Event Jan. 26

KCLYC jan26Around 100 youth and one or two of their parents gathered from 9 to 3 on Saturday, January 26, to LISTEN UP!  The sponsoring churches of KCLYC organized the day to get teens and their parents together to Dwell in the Word and consider holding regular family meetings. Those meetings create the space to talk about the important things in life, like one another and God.  Pat Taylor Ellison brought the Dwelling and Thrivent brought lunch. Excellent videos, great Tweeting, and meaningful conversation happened at Holy Cross Lutheran. Thanks, everyone, for coming!

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  1. Annette Dubey said:

    Thank you so very much for sharing your gift with us, dwelling in the word is a way of life for us now even more than before, and it is the WOW factor to see the peace land on others as we take time to truly listen! Thank you again, Annette Dubey

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