A Habit of Deep Listening

Upcoming Dwelling Learning Events!

Dwelling Learning Events:

April 13: St Andrew’s Lutheran Church in Columbia, Missouri

April 27: Augustana Lutheran Church in Denver, Colorado

Sept 14: Desert Cross Lutheran Church in Tempe, Arizona


On June 8, the entire Southern Ohio Synod Assembly, gathered in Springfield, Ohio, will Dwell in the Word together, led by Dr. Pat Taylor Ellison.

JUNE 14-16: Twin Cities: The International Dwelling in the Word Festival!                                   

Thriving in Change events:

On April 5, our partners in the Dallas-Fort Worth area will build on their Dwelling in the Word habit by learning Spiritual Discernment for Thriving in Change, at Advent Lutheran Church in Arlington, Texas.

On September 28, ’13 and January 25 ’14, our partners in the Chicago area will learn Thriving in Change, at Grace Lutheran Church in River Forest, Illinois.

On October 12 our partners in the Pacific Northwest will learn Thriving in Change in Portland, Oregon.

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