A Habit of Deep Listening


You’ve learned to Dwell in the Word. You’ve been practicing this spiritual habit for awhile with your group. What are you noticing?

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May the Blessings of Christmas fall softly upon you, your family, and your friends in this holy season. Peace.  Pat

International Dwelling in the Word Festival
June 14-16, 2013


On Saturday, June 15, at 10 AM and 2 PM, we plan to offer a choice of panels for participants to attend and contribute to.
Here are some of those panels:

Dwelling in the Word in conflicted situations
Dwelling in the Word with children
Dwelling in the Word and Congregational Discernment
Dwelling in the Word and Innovating Missional Church Systems
Dwelling in the Word in larger church assemblies
Dwelling in the Word as a strategy for leading
Dwelling in the Word across cultural boundaries

Click these links for videos!

Pastor Theo Marais on how Dwelling impacts his church board and all the other groups in his congregation:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaYQtn6xxxA&feature=endscreen&NR=1

Pastor Hannes Theron on how Dwelling has helped his congregation rediscover the Bibile as a book where we meet God:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKJCA8t2Dic

Pator Carol Cloete Predt on how the deep listening that begins in Dwelling transforms her church leadership meetings:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fytOb0lxYx8&feature=relmfu

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Dwelling in the Word Learning Event Invitation 12 oct 16

Here is another video that testifies to the power of Dwelling in the Word, from a pastor who has developed this practice over time.

Dave Hahn on Dwelling in the Word as being an advocate for the other


Our dream International Dwelling Festival is beginning to take shape.  Here’s what we’re hoping for:

Friday, 6/14/13   possible host: Wayzata Community Church

4 PM   Registration

5:00    Introductory Dwelling

5:30    Barbeque

6:30    The Rev. Dr. David Tiede opens the festival

7:00    Kansas City Lutheran Youth Coalition Worship

Saturday, 6/15/13    possible host: Mt. Olivet Church, Plymouth

9 AM   Dwelling session

10:00          “Dwelling across borders & cultures” panel led by a South African who has done it

                     “Dwelling across generations” panel led by people who dwell with multiple age groups

11:00  Plenary session – what are we learning?

12:00 Lunch

1 PM   Dwelling session

2:00            “Dwelling across confidence levels” panel led by people who never felt comfortable in the Scriptures

“Dwelling across large assemblies” panel led by church body leaders who have done it

3:00    Plenary session – what are we learning?

4:00    Dwelling session

4:30    Free time

6:00    Dinner

7:00    Jim Johnson in  concert (with friends??) – see his excellent book Crossing the Bar –

Sunday, 6/16/13    possible host: Maple Grove Lutheran

9 AM   Worship with the congregation

10:00  Dwelling session

11:00  Our covenant to dwell together and apart: SMART plans of action

11:45  Commissioning

12:00  Farewell Lunch

Sound good?  Circle the date.  You know we’re planning on you, but our venues can hold only 150.  Watch Church Innovations website www.churchinnovations.org and our Facebook page for registration details in coming weeks.



Dwelling in Madison, WI

People listened deeply to Luke 10 and to one another last Saturday at Bethel Lutheran Church in Madison, WI.  Steps from the state capitol and the University of Wisconsin, 40 people used a beautiful September Saturday to practice this basic habit of Dwelling in the Word and with one another.

Two comments from attendees about what they liked:

“The concept of DWELLING, where we ‘stay put’ in the Word and the Holy Spirit can take us in new directions.”

“The power of a very simple process that is inclusive of everyone, engages everyone in active participation on an even playing field – builds a community culture through shared language and experience.”


Have a look at the poster for the October 5-6 weekend coming up!

Dwelling in the Word Westside[1]

Twin Cities, Minnesota
June 14-16, 2013
Come for Friday night supper, Dwelling in the Word, and the opening conversation at one local church; come Saturday for Dwelling, speakers, and conversation from all over the world at another local church (lunch and dinner included); and come to worship, Dwell, and eat lunch at another local church on Sunday! Think of all the people you’ll meet and all the Dwelling you’ll do together across state and national boundaries.